Attention Business Owners: 

"Imagine Not Having To Do Your Books Anymore."

Do You cringe when you think about doing the books, dreading having to go through that financial nightmare again and again?


So now, discover for yourself the
 proven system developed by a Chartered Accountant, CPA, tax adviser, former Australian Taxation Office official and a small business owner himself.

Originally developed only for his own select group of private clients, now he’s making it available to you

From The Desk of Glenn Wallace, BBus (Acc)
(Chartered Accountant, CPA, Registered Tax Agent,
Former Tax Office Official and Small Business Specialist )

Dear Small Business Owner,

  Let me ask you 4 important questions. Think carefully before you answer….

Do you currently find the whole process of doing your business book-keeping just one big pain in the butt? (If you do, don’t worry – that’ll soon stop!)
Are you finding yourself, or your partner, spending too much time every quarter doing your Business Activity Statements (BAS) and truly dread those 4 times of the year? (It doesn’t have to be this way!)
Would you like a simple, proven solution that’s shown to massively cut down on the time and frustration involved in doing the above?  (Some of our clients have cut this time down to over 90% compared to what they used to spend!)
And lastly, right now do you really know how your business is doing? I mean, how much profit are you making ... ?
(Yes, I sounds like a silly question. But as an accountant with 30 years business experience, I can tell you than far too many business owners I come across simply don't know!)

  If you answered "YES" to any of the questions, and perhaps felt that all too familiar "knot" in your stomach for my last question, then I urge you to take just a couple of minutes to change this once and for all.

  Seriously, that’s all it’ll take.

  Firstly, let me give you a quick bit of background…

  In case you haven’t been referred by a friend or colleague to our website and don’t know me, my name is Glenn Wallace.

  I’m a Chartered Accountant with almost 30 years professional experience.

  Much of this time I’ve spent advising business owners like you with their day to day challenges. And yes, I’ve also spent a number of years working within the tax department, where I also learnt some very valuable things for you and your business.

  So after all this time working with small business, I’ve seen most of their common fears and frustrations - close-up.

Is this also one of your

  And one of the biggest frustrations small business owners tend to have is the amount of time and effort it takes to keep track of the finances of their business.

  For most, the whole process of book-keeping is just darn tedious!

  I speak to business after business where the owners tell me they spend hours  keeping up to date with their accounts. (Can you relate?)

  For many, even when they’re finished, they often don’t really know what all the numbers fully mean…or if they’re even correct.

  And that’s more than a "small problem".

  In fact as a former small-business auditor and assessor for the tax department, I can tell you that in fact it’s a huge one! As can be your penalties for getting it wrong.

  The simple fact, as too many businesses have learnt the hard way, is that "Ignorance" is simply not an acceptable excuse! Please, re-read that sentence again as it's really that important.

  When the tax department comes knocking on your door, you’ll pay the price - and it hurts! The amount of time and money it costs to fix the problem and all the pain and frustration involved is something you really don’t want to have to face.

  But this doesn’t need to happen – and for you it won’t.

  So exactly how do you avoid it, yet keep things simple at the same time?

"Glenn, help me. What’s the best way to keep track of my books?"

Say Goodbye to the Drudgery of Bookkeeping Forever!

Here's How To Have Your Own Automatic Bookkeeper:

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(When you click on "Submit Order" it appears that you can only pay by Paypal but that is not  the case - it will give you a choice after you click on "Submit Order" of how to pay - either by Paypal or Credit Card(Visa or Mastercard))

  As an accountant, this has easily been the Number 1 Question I get from small business owners.

  Especially new business owners.

  If you’re like most of these small business owners, there’ll be 3 main things you’ll generally need:

  1. You want a truly simple, quick and easy way to keep track of your business income and expenses.

  2. You want an easy solution to help you prepare and lodge your BAS - quickly and on-time.

  3. And you also seek an easy way to provide clear, financial data to your book-keeper or accountant at the end of the year. This way they'll do your income tax return in the least possible time and effort.

  These three areas are really the crux of most small business owners needs. And they’re actually quite simple.

  Yet far too many business owners over-complicate the process and cause themselves so much grief as a result.

  Are you one of them?

  I hope not….

"Well, I’ve tried using an ‘Accounting Program’ and it just didn’t work out"

  Many small business owners thought that having a computer and just buying a piece of off-the-shelf software would simplify their book-keeping and BAS compliance.

  And for some, yes, it has.

  Yet as an accountant, I’ve also seen the flip-side.

  I’ve found far too many people are ill-advised at the very beginning with what software to get.

  They then find themselves investing in one of the popular accounting programs.

  If they actually find the time to actually get it out of the box and open the manual, they then find they’ve got to spend a lot of time (and sometimes even more money) learning to use many of these programs.

  I’ve often found them spending time and money at the start learning how to use the program. They then spend more time and money, perhaps on more advanced courses, on using the program.

  Plus they then usually keep on spending time and money to keep to up-to-date with new versions.

  And even after all of this, all too often they're still not 100% confident that what they're doing is really useful to themselves…or their accountant.

Listen...Why Get Your Accountant To Charge You For The Basics?
Use Them For The
 Important Things That Really  Count

  So it’s really no surprise that us accountants have learnt to be quite wary.

  The story usually goes something like this...

  A client comes in and proudly produces their new accounting program records. They've often spent hours and hours fine-tuning them. And they might often simply say something like, " just need to transfer the figures to the tax return."

  When asked if they have reconciled their data with that from their bank, the quick answer is 'Yes".

  Yet upon opening the file, it soon becomes obvious that this isn't quite the case.

  While their work was well-intentioned, it often needs some serious redoing, or at best, some "considerable massaging".

  You see, if we don't, your data simply can’t be used for your BAS preparation, accurate profit and loss reporting and also for your end of year income tax calculations.

  This results in your accounting bill being higher than it needed to be, or your accountant wears the extra cost to rework your data.

    And this is such a waste of time and money. Time and money that would have been much better spent on being able to help my clients in more meaningful ways for their business.

The AB Solution ('Automatic Bookkeeper')

  This was pretty much the situation that faced many of my clients over the years.

  The bottom-line was that the available accounting programs had their advantages….but also clearly had numerous disadvantages.

  There really wasn’t an easy, self-teaching programme that could be easily picked up and used straight away by small cash-based businesses.

  And when some kind of program was available, it often didn't include the added value services that I knew were so important in helping a small businesses get the most out of their financial information.

  In frustration, I decided to build my own solution: The Automatic Bookkeeper. 

  It’s goal was really simple:

  To provide my small business clients a fast and simple-to-use solution that could easily handle their most important book-keeping, BAS and end of year tax preparation needs.

  Nothing more, and nothing less!

  And we came up with a solution that has little (or no) data entry, quickly teaches itself to ‘code’ your financial data, easily does your bank reconciliation and then at a touch of a button, produces the figures for your BAS and cash-flow.

  It’ll then also provide clear and accurate data for your accountant – and professionally presented as a trial-balance.

  Believe me, as an accountant I can tell you that this is what us accountants dream about!

  And a possible side-benefit to you for fulfilling your accountant’s dream is that you might even find yourself saving on your accounting fees, if it'll reduce our need to ‘re-do’ or ‘massage’ your accounts.

  Or better still, it'll allow us focus your time and money on what's really important - helping your grow your business!

"So, Exactly How Does It Work?"

  The system is designed for simplicity and the time-poor small business user in mind….

" simple and easy to use, now I don't
have to come in to work tomorrow...

"Oh my gosh, it is so simple and easy to use, now I don't have to come in to work tomorrow. Excellent!"

It is so easy with this new program. If you are thinking of trying it out, I highly recommend it. You will save time; there is less stress/worry; it is so user friendly; it is the best program I have ever used to do accounts with!

Give it a go! You will NOT look back!"

Kelly Thomas,
Sydney, NSW

  Instead of over-loading it with features that most small business owners will never use, Automatic Bookkeeper concentrates on what business owners realy need in order to fulfill their obligations to the Tax Office and also provide useful imformation for them and their accountant.

  The simple steps of the program are:

1) We introduce you to a simple system to "set-up’ the way you manage run your business’s accounts. This is done over the phone and email with a qualified accountant and we also provide you with some additional written and video resources. Now, once that simple step is in place…

2) You download your financial information (bank statements, credit card statements, etc) from your bank via the internet, (or wherever else it may be) to your computer. Most business owners have already done this, but in case you need some additional help, we’re there to guide you.

3) Power up your Automatic Bookkeeper and ‘copy and paste’ the downloaded bank statements, credit cards, or in fact any database into your actual program.
(Oh, and have a quick look at the screen-shot below. If by some chance our interface looks familiar, there's good reason. We've purposely built Automatic Bookkeeper  so that it runs inside the popular Microsoft Excel ® 'platform' - a program that the majority of small business owners are already using.)


4) The program will now guide you to complete the final steps needed to make sure things are placed where they should be. You’ll soon see that BABS will gradually teach itself about you and your regular transactions. In fact the more you use it, the less you’ll have to do. The program learns fast. It’s quite common that in future months business owners have 90%+ of their transactions automatically ‘pre-coded’ as soon as they are pasted. (Needless to say, a big, BIG time-saver!). And lastly...

5) At the press of a button, you can then quickly and easily produce the GST figures to enter in your BAS. And in addition, you’ll also have the figures for your cash-flow and be able to present to your accountant a professionally prepared trial balance. They'll then be able to finalise your annual accounts and tax returns in the best possible way.

  And that’s it.

Users Amazed At How Easy It Is To Use And How Much Time They Are Saving 

  Once I had the early version of my software finished, I decide to just trial it with just some of my clients.

  The amount of time they were able to save surprised even me.

  If you didn’t see and hear what Chris had to say earlier, have a quick look now….


  But there’s a funny twist to Chris’s story…..

  It was not actually Chris that first did his books with the Automatic Bookkeeper.

  It was his wife, Carol. And she came across it by chance.

  Carol in her own words was a reluctant computer user - usually just limited to email.  I was talkng to Chris on the phone about the software, and, I didn't know it at the time, Carol was in the same room.

  Chris had just downloaded the software for the first t ime and was about to start using it, but the other phone rang and he was called away to attend to an urgent matter elsewhere.

  Knowing how much time Chris normally spent on the books, Carol was very curious about the little snippets she overheard from the call.

  So she sat down in front of the computer and with no experience, just started "doing the books".

  The result?

  In less than 15 minutes, she had managed to complete 6 months work!

  In her own words, here’s what she had to say….

(Special Note: The program was set-up for Chris and Carol with a  customised download. This is part of our solution and we'll gladly do this for you as well at no additional charge. Of course, you can fully set it up yourself, but it may take a little longer to get to the stage where you can do
your work in 14 minutes or so.)

What Other Users Are Saying

"...The benefits to us mean that our entire quarterly BAS can be calculated in just over 15 minutes."

"...The benefits to us mean that our entire quarterly BAS can be calculated in just over 15 minutes. (This includes approximately 175 electronic entries and 20 cash amounts.)

The software has built in checking to make sure that the bank reconciles. I can see how we're tracking from month to month and keep a good eye on our cash flow.

I think I'm one of the few people around who can write in the "Estimate of time taken to complete this form box" on the BAS - 15 minutes. That must give the data collectors something to wonder about!..."

Kirsty Hayes,

"...It is indeed an amazing program "

"... I am very impressed with your accounting program, it is indeed an amazing program with regard to the ease of use and the time saving it brings.  

I can see that after we go through the initial phase of identifying the transactions to the program, future transactions will be recognised automatically which results in big savings of time. 

I admire your commitment to support us, making yourself available to answer our calls or emails, and I want to thank you for that.."

Raymond Sfier 
Sydney NSW

"...Smart Investment"

"...I am so happy that I have this accounting program. As a small business owner I want to spend my time on the business, not on accounting, so this program is a smart investment. 

One of the best features is the support that you receive. Not only have I received updates and clear instructional emails but I have also been able to easily obtain assistance when I needed it - support like that is rare these days and really made the difference.

I thoroughly recommend this product! ..."

Jena Morris
Sydney NSW

"...Logical and straightforward"

".... I must say that it was all quite logical and straight forward.

I found the process to be very organic, that is to say, one step leads on to the next step in a very natural way, so much so, that in spite of the fact, that I have not watched any of the training videos and have not spoken with your self for a few months, I had no difficulty, in just following the steps and every thing just fell into place..."

Tony Hester

"...What money cant buy ..Extra TIME with my family .."

"...The personal support Glenn provides ensures this magic accounting program will work for ANYONE.

Thankyou so much Glenn. You have given me that which money cannot buy......Extra TIME I used to spend on data entry. I now spend it with my family.

Peter Deck 
Canberra ACT

"...I was blown away..."

"...When Glenn first demonstrated his remarkable "bookkeeping in a flash" system, I was blown away.

I know how long I spend beavering away at those pesky reports that come up far too often for my liking and I also know that other small business people feel equally burdened by all the paperwork that seems to be required these days. ..."

Gary Harvey 
Sydney NSW

"...thanks for your program, it's been fantastic..."

"...thanks for your program, it's been fantastic. I wasn't quite sure where to start with my backlog of accounting and BAS statements but using the program has helped a great deal with the task I hand.

It didn't take long for me to pick up how to use it and being able to add extra items into the GL account it's easy to tailor to the individual business. With the step of putting out the lights there's nothing missed.

The supports been great and anyone with a small business would really benefit from using it and should check it out. I wish I came across it earlier...

John Stamboulie 
Product Ability Pty Ltd

  And a little more detailed comment from Chris, our builder you heard from earlier...


"...This program has changed the way I spend my time running my business, leaving me more time to concentrate on planning & day to day running."

"...Previously my sister in law and myself would sit down for
around 3 to 4 hours a night for 2 or 3 nights and also spend
time in an afternoon here and there working on the quarterly BAS.

So easily ten hours, each of us spend, every quarter working on the book-keeping, so around 20 hours a quarter.

It's such a headache, reconciling cheques etc and at the end of it I was still unsure that everything had been done and still needed to check the work.

At the end of the year more time was needed before presenting the work to the accountant.

This was always a lengthy process for myself insuring that I had included everything for the year now it is fool proof.

I use to go through alot of cheques a year. Now writing  cheques is kept to a minimum and I also don't waste valuable time mailing, also use EFT or Mastercard alot which really simplifies things when downloading from the bank to the program & insures all business transactions are included in my BAS & end of year.

This program has changed the way I spend my time running my business leaving me more time to concentrate on planning & day to day running."

Chris Simpson
Builder, Sydney

  And a last quick comment about our accounting services as a whole....


"...It is without hesitation that we recommend Glenn's consultancy services to any person who requires a professional and experienced accountant."

"We came across Glenn Wallace and 'Business Advisers' while searching for an accountancy practice we could deal with while our business expands. We found Glenn to be a true professional with considerable knowledge and expertise in accounting practices.

At all times, we have found Glenn to be approachable, friendly and very reliable.

We have been dealing with Glenn via the telephone and email and have found this is to be an easy and seamless process which saves us time and provides the end
result in a timely and accurate manner.

It is without hesitation that we recommend Glenn's consultancy services to any person who requires a professional and experienced accountant."

Alex Apostolopoulos
Managing Director
AGC Financial Services


Automatic Bookkeeper…Your  Full List
Of Benefits

  We really looked to make Automatic Bookkeeper  a total system to make managing your small business accounts, BAS and end of year obligations a truly easy process.

  With it, you:

Have a simple, quick and increasingly automatic (due to it’s self-teaching capability) way of doing your regular book-keeping tasks.

Have minimal (if any) data-entry of your business transactions. You simply bring in your bank statements and follow the clear process. This will save you much time and money.
(And of course if you buy something for cash, or use a cheque, etc, you can also easily enter in that transaction manually.)

Easily track all your income and expenses. Everything is in the one place, saving you time and effort.

Quickly produce data to use in your BAS or to provide to your accountant or tax agent. No need for foraging through all your receipts or additional time spent making unnecessary calculations.

Save time, stress and money and just get back to focus on what’s truly important – building your business and increasing your sales! This is where the real bottom-line benefit lies. (In fact one of our users said they attributed an extra 40% growth in one year to our program because of where they spent their extra 'newly found time'.)

  Your Automatic Bookkeeper is so much more than simply a piece of software.

  And the solution is certainly more than just an off-the-shelf book-keeping program.

So, Exactly What’s Included In
Your Automatic Bookkeeper Package?

  We’ve designed it to be a wholistic solution for your overall accounts, BAS and ‘tax-time’ needs.

  Here’s exactly what you’ll receive:

Brief review of your accounting/book-keeping process (Valued at $495).
We’ll take some time to speak with you on the phone and hear how you’re currently running your books. We’ll make sure we guide you to create an easy system so that you’ll be effectively doing your accounting work only once. No double-handling – just once at the time of receiving or paying out money.

This is the heart of the Automatic Bookkeeper System. It's here where you’ll be placing the transactions and it’s the software that will be doing all your ‘grunt work’ so you won’t have to. (Again, if it looks familiar, it should. It’s built to run inside the popular Microsoft Excel® program, which you need in order to use the AB system.)

Automatic Bookkeeper Customisation and Set-up (Valued at $295).
We’ll create your very own chart of accounts based on your needs and those of your accountant. In addition, we’ll also adjust your software so that is works specifically with your bank.

Unlimited phone and Email support for the first 12 months (Valued at $245).
Phone or email with any question in respect of the running of the program or the system in general.


100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

  When you invest in your Automatic Bookkeeper, you can rest assured that it comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

  We’ll help you get your new system up and running. We’ll take you through the proven process that'll quickly have you using the program, day-in day-out.

  We’ll be there to answer any of your questions you might have along the way. But again, there won’t be any extra charge for this phone and email support.

  And after all of this, if for any reason you find that BABS doesn’t suit your needs, we’ll gladly refund your investment in full.

  As you can see, you really have nothing to lose.

A Small Money  Investment That Pays
For Itself I
n No Time At All

  If you add up all that you get with the AB solution, it adds up to over $2,000. And when you consider the time and money it’ll save you, for many business owners this would be a great investment and an easy decision to make.

  But your investment in your own Automatic Bookkeeper won’t be $2,000. In fact it won’t even be $1,500, $1,000, or $500.

  Your investment is just $347.

   Yet however you choose to take care of it, you'll have access to the system within minutes. You can then get started yourself or have it setup for you.

  To get started, simply click the button for payment by Mastercard, Visa or Paypal  

Say Goodbye to the Drudgery of Bookkeeping Forever!

Here's How To Have Your Own Automatic Bookkeeper:

Click Here To Place Your Order By Pay Pal or Credit Card

(When you click on Submit Order it appears that you can only pay by Paypal but that is not  the case - it will give you a choice after you click on "Submit Order" of how to pay - either by Paypal or Credit Card(Visa or Mastercard))

(If you’d prefer to order over the phone, you can quickly do so. Our office can be reached on
02 9585 9585 and we'll gladly take your order.)

A Few Extra Special Bonuses

  As well as the Automatic Bookkeeper for recording your financial information and preparing your BAS and related items, you’ll also get some additional bonuses. They include:

A special audio and report module that shows you how to really understand one of the most critical and overlooked parts of nearly every small business.
Get this one wrong, and I doubt your business will be around in a couple of years time. This simple to follow module is geared to help make sure you are. (Valued at $149)

An additional copy of Automatic Bookkeeper to allow you to also install it on a second computer.
You can put this second copy on your lap-top, or perhaps on a secondary machine at home. (This 2nd copy is a $997 value.)

One month of our Premium Automatic Bookeeper Deluxe package.
This is where your accounting data will be reviewed by our team and if you like, your BAS also lodged. This service is valued is valued at $97/month and while not every client needs it, it's there as an further option. It's especially ideal if you're time-poor and want to keep things even simpler.

And now it's really up to you....

You know what our system can do for you.

You know the amount of time and money it can save you in the coming months and years.

You know the frustration that you'll avoid around BAS and tax time.

Plus you know that your investment in your own Automatic Bookkeeper is just $347.

And with our Money Back Guarantee, you also know you have absolutely nothing to lose.

So now you have an opportunity to be rid of the financial nightmare forever. You will never again have to cringe when thinking about keeping the books.


Glenn Signature 

Glenn Wallace, BBus, CPA, CA
Registered Tax Agent
Chartered Accountant
Business Adviser

P.S. Remember, our solution comes with a Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. I know you’ll soon be seeing what a time and money saver it will be for you. Yet if you’re not happy for any reason, you can be confident that your investment will be refunded in full! (Click to get started)

Say Goodbye to the Drudgery of Bookkeeping Forever!

Here's How To Have Your Own Automatic Bookkeeper:

Click Here To Place Your Order By Pay Pal or Credit Card

(When you click on Submit Order it appears that you can only pay by Paypal but that is not  the case - it will give you a choice after you click on "Submit Order" of how to pay - either by Paypal or Credit Card(Visa or Mastercard))


And remember again, if you’d prefer to order over the phone, you can do so by calling 02 9585 9585.

P.P.S. Still undecided? Have some unanswered questions? You might just find the answers you're looking for on our additional Pre-Sales Frequently Asked Questions page. You'll find it HERE. (Or once more, feel free to just contact us direct via 02 9585 9585 or email me personally at the address below and we'll be sure to help you out ASAP.) 




 – Automatic Bookkeeper is designed to run on Windows (2000 and up) and inside the popular Microsoft Excel ® program. You will need to have Microsoft Excel 97 (or above) on your computer in order to run the our program.

Windows and Excel are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.