"How does it work?"

Our goal is to provide you with an easy to implement system designed to speed up and simplify your book-keeping, BAS and end-of-year tax requirements. 

After the system is setup. (which you can do or you can have it done for you) , you’ll find yourself following a simple two-step process:

  1. Downloading the transactions from your bank and simply bringing (modifying and importing) them into the program; and then...

  2. Going through an easy coding process that we call ‘turning off the lights’. The program starts teaching itself to do your accounts from the first transaction that you click on a drop down list and choose the description for.  Once you have chosen a description there is a light for that transaction that gets switched off. The program then goes searching for transactions that it knows what the description is . It will automatically choose a description and switch the light off for you so that you dont have to do anything. You then just go down the list of transactions and switch off any lights that havent been switched off by the program.

  3. The more  transactions you have the quicker the program will actually teach itself and you will soon have most of your transcations automatically coded.

Now that your data is in there and classified, the system will provide you with your BAS reports, or you and your accountant with a cash flow and profit and trial balance (or related) reports for your accountant for completing your year-end tax returns and managing ypur business.

"How come you say there is minimal (or no) data entry?"

The reason for this is we’ll be using your electronic statements from your savings and credit card accounts or any data that can be copied into excel.

We’ll show you a simple process to follow – and one that will work with all the common banks we’ve come across.

"Will it do my previous year’s accounts even though I can’t download the transactions from the internet?"

Yes it will.

Though please keep in mind that if you can’t download the transactions into the program, they will have to be entered in manually. However even though you are entering the data in manually there is a fast way to do it using the unique features of the program.

Once the data is in then the program will also save you more time as it’ll be ‘learning’ how to code them along the way. Yet your full benefits are obviously there when you can copy and paste most (if not all) transactions directly into the program.

"Do I need much computer experience to use the program?"

Not really.

If you can switch your computer on, use email and generally know your way around the basics of a mouse and keyboard, you’ll be fine.

"Do you need any other accounting program with it?"

No you don’t.

The system is designed to work on Windows based computers (Windows® 2000 and up). You will also need to have Microsoft Excel® (version 97 and up, except 2000) installed on your computer.

"Will it run on an Apple Mac®?"

The simple answer here is no. The program is designed to be used on the Windows®  platform.

While some Mac®  users may have Windows®  emulators, etc to allow them to run Windows-based applications, unfortunately we can’t guarantee full functionality using the program in this way.

"Do I need to use your accounting services in order to buy the program?"

No, the program is designed as a stand-alone solution. Our goal is to simply help you get things up to speed so that you’ll be saving time and $$ in doing your books and BAS.

At this point, you’ll then also be able to create the necessary reports to provide to your own accountant. They'll then be able to use them to submit your end of year tax returns.

(Having said that, in the case that you may also need a specialist small-business accountant, we can of course help you here as well. Just call or email our office and we'll gladly discuss your needs.)

"What kind of support do you provide for the program?"

To help you get started, you’ll receive a Quick Start User Guide and also some very handy User Videos that you can access online.

As part of your investment, we speak with you and then create your own customised Chart Of Accounts. If you prefer, you or your accountant/book-keeper can create that instead. The choice is 100% yours.

After this, we find that most business owners rarely need more than a few brief (around 5 minute) phone calls with us to help them get the most out of their program. These are included in the cost of your program.

And in addition to the above, you then also have unlimited phone and email support for a full 12 months.

Again, all the above is fully included in your one-time investment.

"How is it different from other accounting packages like MYOB® or Quicken® ?"

Both those programs are very good.

The main difference is that our system isn’t simply a piece of off-the-shelf software.

When desigining the program great emphasis was focused on taking all the accounting out of the process.  We wanted a solution that involved the user as little as possible, the program taught itself how to do your accounts and GST, it forced the user to do things in a methodical accounting like way without ever knowing that was happening. 

It produced data that was useful to an accountant with bank reconcilations and balanced meaningful trial balances and the user could also get valuable information such as cash flow and profit.

It’s an integrated solution, designed for small business.

Our goal is to provide you with an easy to follow book-keeping and BAS system - and one specifically tailored to your business from the outset.

"What if I have some additional needs to what the system provides? Does your software then allow additional customisation?"

Depending on what a client needs, we can sometimes further customise the software to their needs. (Understandably, there may be an additional investment in doing this level of program customisation.)

"Does it come with a Money Back Guarantee?"

YES, absolutely!

Our solution comes with a full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. It's a no questions asked guarantee, we’ll give you your money back in full.


 Note: Windows, Excel, MYOB and Quicken are registered trademarks of their respective owners.